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Dunk Tank

Description: Lots of fun with this one! Dunk your favourite person , either it’s your boss, your teacher or even your spouse! Great fun for all! Everyone enjoys watching as they trigger the mechanism to drop the person into the water as they launch the ball at the target. For the safety of everyone, a tough cage protects the person from any stray balls.


Details :

  1. Size: 3'4’'L x 4''W x 6,9’'H
  2. Power: Water Source less than 50ft
  3. Setup: Outdoor
  4. Price : 300$ (for one day, including installation, pick up and delivery within 20 km from Brossard). Fees will apply for deliveries located outside the 20 km perimeter and are based on excess mileage only.
  5. IMPORTANT : Filling time is approximately 1 hour and a half with standard 1/2 inch hose. The presence of an adult is highly recommended to ensure good supervision..
  6. We accept VISA, MASTER CARD & Cash money.
  7. Call today to book : (450) 812-7422 ou au (514) 567-0692
    - For the inflatables delivered in a backyard, access to the backyard (fence) must be at least 3 feet or 92 cm wide.
    - We provide electrical extensions, up to 100 feet long.
    - A 2 feet perimeter must be available on each side of the inflatable to ensure an acceptable security perimeter.

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